Day 3 Gratitude Challenge

Yesterday, I took time to notice and appreciate the small things. I also strive to continue refraining from whining or complaining. How did I do? Better than day 1.

The first small thing I noticed was the temperature when I walked my dog before sunrise. The normal temperature this time of year ranges from 34° to 50°F. This morning it was 60° at 6am! Normally I like the cool and cold weather we get in winter. When you can walk your dog before the sun comes up wearing only a hoodie in November, this is a good thing. I took a few moments to gaze at the colorful vibrant sunset. Enjoyed my coffee in the morning and my tea at night. Watched part of the World Series. My team is not playing but watching reminded me of when they were. Finally, I shared a funny story with a friend I haven’t connected with in awhile. At the end of day, I felt better than day 1. The goal is not perfection but rather improvement. Be grateful for what is rather than what is not.

Which is a nice segue to todays challenge. Today you are to focus on the present. Be mindful. By mindful, I mean be aware. So today, be aware of what is happening. Do not focus on what has happened. Do not focus on what may happen. Be grateful for all that is today. At least three times today, stop what you are doing and be grateful for what is.

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