Food Planning – Mrs. Harris viewpoint

I am extremely lucky to have an amazing and supportive spouse. There are so many reasons I love her. She occasionally reads this blog. She read the most recent post about meal planning and shopping. After reading it she expressed a few thoughts. I thought I would share those along with a recent Wall Street Journal article about making things from scratch.

She correctly pointed out that my method is not perfect. She identified several deficiencies involving the supply of bananas, paper towels and toilet paper in our household. I reminded her that the later two were not part of meal planning. There was more discussion about a desire for me to visit the store more often followed by constructive criticism about the lack of food on the weekends. Her statements are mostly correct and I do often make a quick trip or two each week. These quick trips only take couple of minutes and are usually integrated on the way home from work.

Yet, a major point is that the planning of each meal throughout the week reduces stress. It has resulted in less inappropriate binge eating. Additionally, I spend less time in the store because I know what is needed. Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go to the store and buy some extra bananas.

NOTE: Several have asked about whether I use online grocery shopping. I do not use online grocery shopping because most of the food that I purchase is fresh produce. I am very particular about my produce.

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