New Beginning

It is the first Monday in October. For US Supreme Court junkies, this is the beginning of a new year. What cases will they hear? What decisions will they make? It certainly will be an interesting Supreme Court term

The start of a new day, week, month, semester, or year is an excellent time to start something new. It serves as an important reminder to start a new. Your failures of past are erased with a fresh start. It’s like a do over or a mulligan. Further, research shows when people utilize these fresh start points, they are more likely to succeed in achieving their goals.

So, rejoice in this new beginning today. Set new goals. Make yourself better today.My goals for today are:

⁃ To write a short blog post

⁃ To finish the book How To Change

⁃ To finalize an exam I will be giving to students tomorrow.

⁃ To grade at least 1/3 of the outstanding assignments that have been turned in by my students.

⁃ To prepare for class tomorrow.

⁃ To drink at least 90 ounces of water.

– To walk at least 10,000 steps

⁃ To make healthy eating choices all day

⁃ To send a card or letter to at least one person in my life

⁃ To celebrate each goal I achieve

I better go! looks like I’m going to have a busy day.

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