Day 19 of Gratitude Challenge

It’s been one year since I took the picture. One year of change I never thought would happen. One year of steady improvement.

I began this journey alone and unhappy. I began not knowing where to start. But I made the decision to change. My advice – make the decision about why then work on the how.

Over the last year, I have received so much encouragement and support from family and friends. Thank you it made a difference. I haven’t been perfect but I have improved. And more importantly, I could not have done it without the encouragement. I am grateful for all the kindness.

Today’s challenge is for you to thank a friend and family member. Call, text, email, message, Snap, What’s App or snail mail them. Just thank this person for something they did.

Day 3 of the Gratitude Challenge

So what did you notice yesterday? Did focusing on the little things help? I noticed many things that I often take for granted. I noticed the heat in my home after coming in from outside. I noticed the fallen leaves and those yet to fall. I noticed my soup needed more spice but was still thankful I had it.

For day three, the challenge is simple. Say thank you to at least one person today. It can be for something big or small. Just say thank you and mean it.

Have a great day!

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